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First and foremost before I begin . I should introduce myself. No I'm not a writer . Maybe the more I type the more it will become obvious . Iam a union ironworkers so I am usually breaking my back instead of breaking a fingernail typing . Iam however a hockey fan . Like most fans of the game Iam constantly seeking anything to read , watch or listen to that relates to hockey . I have told several friends and family members that there is no offseason for fans like us . With that being said here are a few thoughts that are on my mind today .
1) Tim Murray has received quite a bit of praise as for his rebuild with the Buffalo Sabres . I thought he did an excellent job with compiling picks and prospects over his short tenure with the organization . However did he jump the gun a bit ? Buffalo was likely another season away from being watchable . While they groomed their next wave of nhl players . Tim Murray had enough of that . Moving draft picks and young prospects to speed up the process . I wonder if some of the attitudes brought in with the addition of a known chip on the shoulder jack eichel might lead to bad chemistry . No one knows what this team would have looked like in another season with them using their picks and continued development of some prospects . now we get to see if Murray did the right thing and assembled a good hockey team.
2) Kane , Kane ,Kane . The one name that is being brought up and more than ever . This is a big time player who is in a big time tmz style story . True or not this obviously is not a story that looks good for the business . So I would like to keep this thought on the ice and not in the tabloid . It's hard to imagine Kane coming back to Chicago with this bad press . There has already been some big changes This summer in Americas second city . With the departure of Sharp , saad and oduya a number of players and prospects already have to step up in a big way . Even with a kings ransom of talent coming back if Kane is dealt . It's hard to imagine a cup in chicago at years end .
3) " this is a young mans league " . That's something we have all heard quite a bit over the last few years. This offseason more than ever it has never been more true . I know a lot of general managers have wised up on giving big free agent contracts to players instead of bringing their own guys in. But There has never been a time where so many nhl caliber players under the age of 30 are at the nhl version of the unemployment line . The salary cap combined with the youth movement is going to cost these players a lot of money and roster spots and I can't help but feel bad for some of them .
I obviously could keep rambling but that might be to painful for some to read . I'll check in with a few more randoms in a few days to whom it may or may not concern . Either way thanks for giving me a chance and remember hockey is right around the corner.
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With regards to the youth movement; I believe that too many people are jumping on the youth bandwagon. Yes, players statistically dominate between the ages of 23-27. However, overlooking veterans is not a wise move either. Just look at the production the Avalanche are getting from the likes of Tuanguay and Iginla.
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