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The upcoming season

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Well as I watched TSN with Free agent day almost a complete total waste of air time, (kinda like trade deadline) The flames did something I believe every day before that for somewhere around 5 days, way to anti climatic BT haha, no seriously I approve how he works totally.

The only issue I have is really mike stone, I feel that might be a touch much value for him, more 2.75 or 2.5 even but so be it cant cry over pennies.

I would personally like to see BT pick up the phone and call iginla for about a million bucks if he takes it, 10 goals or not the leadership alone is worth the money, and of course leaving around 3-4 million for a right winger after the RFAs come in for hopefully not too much money.

I think what they have signed up and with other west teams becoming much more cap strapped than the flames hopefully after they get a good 15-20 games under their belt can have a stronger showing than last season, with luck mike smith can get them to the conference finals, or in the least as far as the oilers.
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