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Just to start quickly I actually want to see Phil Kessel lift the cup and prove that the leafs really did get ripped off AGAIN and even worse probably somehow screw up Austin Matthews, you would think its impossible I do not anyways!

I think to touch on Hartley getting dropped just like this shows little class based on BT as he gave him a big extension after winning the adams award then doing this, unless its one of those fired and re-hired draft pick rip off things with another team which might actually happen.
I personally think Bruce might have been the right fit for this squad which the flames maybe should have put the money down which they didn't probably more a saving thing than anything as his price is probably more than they want to commit.
I personally would in a dream sort of scenario, trade the 6th pick for some sort of proven goalie already to roll the dice with and go for Ted Nolan (Yes I sound nuts BUT) This is a guy that can take you with a goalie and defense an awfully far way playoffs and regular season, its been proven, the flames do not lack on defense at all.

As per the off season and signings obv give Johnny and sean not what they want but more than bridge contracts something 5-6 years and not max either, they are happy and probably just want to stay, I would let Joe go unless he wants under 2 a season and go from there Bennett can handle more and probably do much more as well.
I feel with the players leaving gives wotherspoon, andersson, Poirier, klimchuk some room to make the team or be good fillers, the flames really do need little help.

Goaltending and puck possession really are the only true faults for these kids I think face-offs are getting better and they make great decisions with the times they have the puck, its just not 50%+.

I don't think this team needs a lot of work or outside players, the guys brought in during last years UFA are a good fit just fix the possession and goalie issue.
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May 10, 2016 12:16 PM ET | Delete
so much wrong with this. Start off talking about TO, ha. And Hartley was extended before he won the Jack Adams and was only 2 years, that is not huge. get your facts straight and have some class of your own.
May 11, 2016 6:25 AM ET | Delete
I suppose I might not have class but with where I live in leaf land I am always told all about how great they are, it feels good to me to have it the other way, thanks.
May 11, 2016 2:57 PM ET | Delete
Any credibility you were seeking was lost in this statement... I actually want to see Phil Kessel lift the cup and prove that the leafs really did get ripped off AGAIN
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