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"lifelong redwings fan"
Malkin wants to be The Man, ON • Canada • -1 Years Old • Male
I'm not sure which is more hideous. The Detroit Red Wings defense or Jeff Blashill's facial expressions. His face must hurt after each Red Wings game. It's not as painful as Red Wings fans watching Justin Abdelkader though. I've seen turtles on pot move faster than #8 does.

Can the NHL please rename the Norris trophy the Bobby Orr Trophy? I realize Bettman wants to pretend the NHL started in 1992 but come on man! Bobby Orr was arguably the greatest hockey player of all time! Next to Richard Park of course.

Why did Mike Milbury trade Roberto Luongo? I know it happened a very long time ago. But was Rick DiPietro really that good? It turns out he wasn't. But I recall thinking at the time "Trading Luongo to draft DiPietro would be like dumping Sharon Stone for Julia Roberts." Hey I like Julia Roberts. But Sharon Stone! Come on man!

Why wasn't there ever a sequel to "Ferris Bueller's Day Off "? Such a great movie. Watching Cameron wearing that Red Wings Gordie Howe jersey was awesome!" Matthew Broderick should've stuck to comedy. It was like when the Red Wings signed Johan Franzen and let Marian Hossa walk away as a UFA. This was the beginning of the Red Wings demise." I have to earmark $3 million for Jiri Hudler " Ken Holland said. Are you kidding me!

Why did it take so damn long for the Detroit Red Wings to be moved to the Eastern conference? Ken Dryden bored the league to death years earlier into moving the Leafs back. How great would it have been to see a Red Wings/Avs Cup Final in 1996, 1997 and 2002? I guess it was far more important to watch the Florida Panthers fans toss plastic rats on the ice each time Florida scored.

Can someone please tell me how Paul Maurice keeps his job? All that amazing talent in Winnipeg and what's he won? All this guy does is play with his nuts and make excuses! He's like an older version of Jeff Blashill! Come on Chevy! Get a guy in there who can take this team to the next level!

I'm still wondering why Jacob Trouba is so overrated. I mean he's a good defenseman. Sure the Rangers fleeced the Jets in trading for him. But he's not Drew Doughty! He's not Morgan Rielly! Seriously! What am I missing here?

I'm biased but I think the Red Wings red home jersey is the best of all time. My second favorite one is the classic Blackhawks home jersey and the Habs classic home jersey. Road jerseys all look the same to me. I'm still getting used to white jerseys being worn on the road. I grew up in the 80s. Back then all I could watch were Leaf games or the Habs in French! I had to listen to my Wings on 760 WJR radio!

Can Sportsnet please replace Craig Simpson? He's about as exciting as watching a 90 year old man changing his dentures. Hughson is ok. Not great. Bob Cole still has that amazing voice. I don't even care if he keeps calling Brad Marchand "Patrice Bergeron." When I hear Cole's voice in the playoffs, all is right with the hockey world.

Finally, I have no idea which team will win the Stanley Cup this year. It's way too early to know. Who saw the Blues winning it? No one! Stop lying Blues fans! No you didn't! 😂 I was happy to see the Blues finally win the Cup. I was just as happy the year before to see the Caps finally win it. I know my Red Wings aren't winning it this year. That's for sure. So I'll cheer for the Leafs to win it. The long suffering Leafs fanbase deserves a Cup.

That's all for now. If you read all of this then may God bless you. I'll be back again with some more useless ramblings. Until then stay safe and enjoy your life. If you wish to prolong your life then don't be a Red Wings fan! gergeswillems has left the building!
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