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Howdy from Ottawa...tranist strike still going, looks like a union meeting Monday then a vote has to happen on the City's final offer no later than Thursday next week. It will be rejected, but some buses will be forced back on the roads. Rona Ambrose and her office will then try waste as much time as they can until the house of commons resumes, and the feds can make OC Transpo go back to work. Yawn.

How 'bout them Sens? Finally got one on the road the other night against a lights-out Oiler team. The Sens played the perfect road game, give them credit. Now they need to take one from the Leafs at the ACC Saturday night. Thank you WJC.

On the topic of the WJC's, Senator 1st rounder from a few years ago Jim O'Brien (TSN failed to make the connection) got a goal in the Canada-U.S. game on Wednesday. He looked good in the game, hopefully his development speeds up, we could use another scoring forward.

Winter Classic was today, great conditions...average game. Sens-Capitals at Frank Clair anyone? The old 'O' style jerseys, Ovechekin and maybe even have Anchorage's college team make the trek down to Bytown to play against the 67's ala Dawson City vs Ottawa for the Cup circa 1905.

I still say Cory Murphy makes the most sense for the Sens, though the Jason Spezza trade talk is alive and well... The players coming back though are below average when you look at the 25-year old Spezza. Robin Regher and Matt Lombardi just don't cut it. It's like dealing Spezza for Phillips and Fisher...would you do that?

Brian Lee...NHL defensemen. No more AHL for him please. I've said this enough, he is too good to be in the AHL.

Lineup news...top line= Heater - Spez - Alfie, 2nd line= Folingo - Fish - Neil, 3rd line= Ruutu - Kels - Vermette, 4th line= Zubov - Dean - Donovan. Defense pairings are...Phillips-Lee, Bell-Smith, Picard-Schubert

Volchenkov is skating with the team, Kuba is not. Bass is out for awhile and Winchester is day-to-day. I say Jesse should go down to 'Bingo for a bit anyways.

I'm not sure you starts vs TOR, though Auld is a leaf-killer.

That's all for now, I'll be blogging for regularly now that the holidays are over.

TSN Top 10 Battle of Ontario moments - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cib07oQ-a_8

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Nope. They did not win. Are we really surprised?Forget talking trade. Will Bryan Murray still have a job Monday morning?Tavares or Hedman?Happy New Year.
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