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Rangers Offseason

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My two fave teams tied are the Rangers and the Islanders. i am writing about a possible NY Rangers offseason. they're going to start a rebuild, but who stays and who goes? i'd say Zuccarello is Definitely Staying, and even though McDonagh is a great player, i think it's time to trade him to Columbus for Pick number 3. The rangers need a 1st round pick, and the Blue Jackets need Defence. does this make sense? Now Rick Nash is being talked about, but where does he go? i'd say maybe St. Louis, but wherever he goes, the Rangers will want a lot, and i don't know who will be willing to give up what the Rangers Want. what about Shattenkirk for Nash and more? i don't know if the Rangers would give up the thing that i called More, because i don't know what that would be. does he go to Washington? what would it take for them to get him? not what they'd give up, so where does he end up? maybe they'll get a deal done with the blues. so then, what about the Derek/Derricks? I'd say they'd get more for Brassard than Stepan, but i think Stepan is the one who they trade, and they keep Brassard. what about Stepan to Nashville for 17th overall? So then, Girardi? could they trade him to ARI for 7th overall? i guess. then what about Chris Kreider for Nicholas Deslauriers, a 2nd round pick in 2016, and a 2nd round pick in 2017? Kreider can fit in with BUF and the rangers would be getting quite a bit. good trade? there's lots of Options for the Rangers, but no trading 1st round picks for a while, and they need to get more. trade ideas with the rangers 2017 1st round pick would make no sense in my opinion, but everyone has a different opinion.
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