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"Let's Go Buff-a-lo!!!!"
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Buffalo Disaster

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It is absolutely astounding that the Buffalo Sabres were even able to sneak a point out of their usual kryptonite, the Senators. Right from the opening puckdrop, the effort was simply not there from most of the Sabres, the exception being the guy in the blue paint. It took 18 Ottawa shots and 17 1/2 minutes of game time for the Sabres to get a puck through to Pascal LeClaire. In the second, Miller was plagued by a couple of softies that the Sabres D simply let happen, but the offense finally did come out of hibernation late in the frame. They got 14 shots on net and got two of them by LeClaire. While I am one of Thomas Vanek's biggest critics, I do love how on his goal he went to the net and got it by the keeper. Of course, the second part still isn't much of a problem for him. On Pommer's tally, it was the classic laser on the PP from the top of the circle sneaking past the goalie to knot it. A stat that really startled is that the Sabres had more shots in the second than in the rest of the game. The third period was very tight, with both teams shooting relatively low, 9 for Ottawa and 3 for Buffalo. Both goalies really saved the game for their respective teams and snuck out the single point for their clubs. In OT, Buffalo showed how much they wanted the extra point, shooting the puck toward the Ottawa cage whenever they had the chance. To Miller's credit, he made a couple of key saves in the extra session to get to the shootout. Unfortunately, he couldmt keep the magic going in the shootout, as Kovalev and Fisher both got one by him. It's unbelievable that he wasn't even named a star of the game. A .950 save% for a game ain't too shabby, but it went for naught.
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