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I do not know about other fans, but I really do not mind a loss. Especially in the Stanley Cups finals, it's important that teams play their best and, frankly, I want to see strong hockey on all fronts. It's nice to see streaks and sweeps, but I'm a fan of the sport, not just one team (and I'm a big fan of my team). Your team will loose sometimes. I never want to see my team lose when it comes to the Stanley Cup, but it's going to happen--whether it is one game or, heavens no, a series.

However, I expect a team to win the game because they've truly played better in the game. Ottawa is a great team and I feel tonight they played the best game of the series against Anaheim, but I cannot help feeling that tonight's win rings hallow.

Argue all you want, but there were some very bad calls and non-calls. The calls went clearly for Ottawa tonight. Chris Pronger's hit was high--no question. Being a tall fellow myself, I tend to be understanding to how hard it must be for him to keep those arms low and, honestly, I don't think that plays here. But in the second period, I found myself questioning high hits from Ottawa which went uncalled. If you're going to call Pronger to task for his high hit, call those Ottawa players to task as well.

Luck is always going to be a part of success, especially in winning the Stanley Cup. But tonight was not just about luck. Ottawa played hard and it got them chances. Luck was in their favor, sure. But so were the calls. This is also evidenced because the Ducks gave up. As a Duck fan, I've had to deal with this before. But generally they give up when the calls go against them and you and I both know this is not the first time the Ducks have been punished for seemingly nothing.

The bottom line: I am willing to see my team lose when both teams play their best and the other team is genuinely better. I just do not think that happened tonight.
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