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Sports for Short Attentions

Posted October 7, 2007
Between yesterday and today, every team in the NHL played. While my favorite team, The Anaheim Ducks, are not doing so well, I cannot complain too much because hockey is hockey. I was never a “sports” person and I think that affects how I watch hockey. I love to watch any game, as long as the teams are playing to the best of their abilities. Of course, I want “my” team to win, but real... Read More »
I went to the first Ducks preseason game last night at the Honda Center. There were more people there than I expected and it was a fun crowd. The season tickets I bought into are pretty high up (though, there’s not really a bad seat at the Honda Center, which is great) so I was around a lot of real fans. I had a blast. This is my first time watching a preseason game and it was a lot of fun... Read More »

It just did not feel like a win.

Posted June 3, 2007
I do not know about other fans, but I really do not mind a loss. Especially in the Stanley Cups finals, it's important that teams play their best and, frankly, I want to see strong hockey on all fronts. It's nice to see streaks and sweeps, but I'm a fan of the sport, not just one team (and I'm a big fan of my team). Your team will loose sometimes. I never want to see my team lose when it comes... Read More »