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Just listening to the Avs vs. Sharks game - and Mr. Paul Stastny has 1g 4a in this game, while having a hat trick on opening night, which brings him to 8points in 3games. And i got him in 3 of my Fantasy Teams :-)

I knew this kid would rock this season, and i also did believe he would have a fair shot at the 100 point mark - but this much improvement and absolute dominating abilities he shows right now scare me. You know, he was a 2nd rounder :-)

Other than that I am really looking forward to see him outscore Malkin this year and making the decision to give Malkin the calder a real dumb one. I never seen Malkin better than Paul last year and was quite disappointed by the Malkin getting the Calder. As it looks right now, Paul leads the League in scoring right now after the first week.

After the Flyers showed great teamwork and went 1-1 on their first two games and the Avs (my 2nd favorite team) going 2-1 with Mike Richards and Paul Stastny doing absolutely great - i can't be more happy with the new season.

And while talking Flyers: I am really happy that Joni and Geoff showed the Flyers that they can play the game. I am quite upset the flyers gave up on Joni after one year where the whole team was dead last and where he still managed to be very good offensively. Imo he will be a Norris Candidate in the future and on more than one occasion. I wish Joni good luck with the Oilers and still hope the Flyers got a fair value beside Gator (Who I totally love seeing him on the team) in Lupul. Hopefully Lupul can get his game back because if he can't the trade was very much of a bust in my opinion. Pitcanon has too much offensive upside at the age of 24 to not overlook his defensive flaws, he could get away with some more patience from his team. Now he is in Oilers land and the Oilfans will love him!

Hockeys back :-)
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October 8, 2007 11:17 PM ET | Delete
Get real, Malkin had more points than Stastny and deserved the Calder. Stastny's a good player and so is Malkin.
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