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As I sit here gazing at the many fellow students trying to get inside their bus without getting soaking wet, I am reminded of the Leafs.

As I sit here typing up this article on my laptop, that I bought two years ago as one piece and is now breaking up into two separate pieces, I am reminded of the Leafs.

As I sit here trying to get through this chapter, which has a couple pages left in it, I realize I don’t know what the first 15 pages were about. Why must these chapters be so long? Even then, I am reminded of the Leafs.

Ah, can't you feel it. Hockey is in the air. And for the Leafs, this may be their most peaceful period for seven to nine months, depending on how optimistic you are.

The season has yet to start and already there is discussion on whether the decision to keep Luke Schenn on the team is a move to benefit Luke or the Leafs. Either way you slice it, the kid (I'm only 21, boy do I feel old) did everything asked of him plus a shootout goal, he deserves at least another 9 games after a very good and very consistent first 9. Either these guys are geniuses for keeping him up or Luke will become fatally injury prone after these 9 games because he was not ready to handle the grind of the NHL and we will be sitting here a few years from now wondering why Brian Burke never did make it to Toronto.

But, I'm not a pessimist, it's no fun.

What I can tell you is that Schenn will score a hat-trick in one of those 9 games, stay on with the team and get this team a cup for the first time in 42 yea--, okay, I can't even type that without stopping myself and laughing out loud. That's right, I just spelled out lol. That should be good enough to make Sportsnet Connected …right?

Seriously though, this season is going to have its fair share of ups and downs. It will pour down on the Leafs some nights as many teams have a lot more talent than these guys. This club seems to be together right now, but what happens when this club starts breaking down and goes on the inevitable five plus-game losing streaks? There isn't one person in the room that can say "listen up because this is my club." This season is going to be one heck of a grind, for the players, the coaches, the ownership and the fans. Hopefully we'll be able to look back at the end of the season and point toward a handful of guys who made their mark on the season.

The one thing the Leafs will have an abundance of this season is grit and toughness. You want to take a run at one of the Leafs young guns? Ryan Hollweg is going to come knocking at your door. So, hitters beware,

General Manager Cliff Fletcher has already stated that there is only one top six forward on this club, that being Nik Antropov. Head Coach Ron Wilson has already started that "wins and losses don't matter." What the EFF! Does he know what city this is? The craziness of Leafs fans is comparable to the New York Yankees of the MLB and Manchester United of the Premiership over in England. Does he know how much people are paying for tickets to watch this club, or does he just not care about the devoted fans of Leafs nation. I really hope it's not the latter because if it is he will get burned night in and night out by the media, because as much as they hate to admit it, many of them are fans as well. But, then again he may get burned anyways because he's coaching in 'The Big Smoke' now.

Come on Ron, get real, without goals all you're left with are assists and where is the fun in that.
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