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No Goals for Leafs in 2008-09?

Posted October 9, 2008
As I sit here gazing at the many fellow students trying to get inside their bus without getting soaking wet, I am reminded of the Leafs. As I sit here typing up this article on my laptop, that I bought two years ago as one piece and is now breaking up into two separate pieces, I am reminded of the Leafs. As I sit here trying to get through this chapter, which has a couple pages left in it, I... Read More »

Ron Wilson has options on defense

Posted September 12, 2008
The Toronto Maple Leafs defense has by no means been full of all-star caliber players and has struggled on numerous occasions since the post-lockout era. Needless to say, it's never really been one of their strong points. This season however, their defense may be one of the few bright spots on a season that many are predicting to be more than abysmal. The one thing the Leafs do have going for... Read More »

The Toronto Media

Posted July 11, 2008
Hey, you guys, yeah I'm pointing at you in the media. It's time you stopped writing the same stuff over and over. I've started to get quite annoyed with the Toronto Hockey media the past few weeks because you continue to read the same things, printed in the paper and posted online, every day and every week. Okay, so Niklas Hagman, Jeff Finger and Curtis Joseph are not going to get this team a play... Read More »