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Slow start but smart moves

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July 1st in the NHL always gives you the feeling of Christmas, the oilers did there best to fill holes that are open and to improve the tea. The move to trade Jason Smith and Joffery Lupul for Geoff Sanderson and Jani Pitkanen was a great start. Sanderson will add some great veteran experience that is needed since Smith is gone, he will also be a dependable 3rd or 4th liner that can produce. Pitkanen is a great young defense men that will be a immediate help to the suffering D.

The decision to move Jason Smith and Joffery Lupul is hard to see especially Smith but it was a situation where you need to give up quality to get quality. Jason Smith has been a great captain for the oilers over the last few years and will be missed for that, but with Greene's development reaching the point it has it leaves Smith expendable. Joffery Lupul seemed to be a great deal when we got him but i think the home town boy situation would have never allowed him to excel here. The only thing i am afraid of with Lupul is that he can one day become a 30-40 goal scorer.

Another signing that is still pending is Michael Nylander, this guy is a great signing. If the oilers did not over pay for this guy it will be a great addition along with 1 other possible signing to help Ales Hemsky. Nylander alone will not propel this team or even Hemsky, the Oilers are still in need of sniper to play with both Nylander and Hemsky.

I guess all we can do is sit and wait to see if K Lowe will be able to propel this team to the next level again.
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