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Day 2 Hard to Swallow

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Today (Day 2) of free agency was suppose to be a day for Oiler fans to look forward to possible UFA signings. After a long day of almost all the Tier 2 UFA signed the oilers are left the same as Day 1. The day started off very strange with the deal that was suppose to be done in Nylander turning out to be nothing more then a lost deal with Nylander signing in Washington.

There are still a few options left for the Oilers, they may be limited but they are still decent options. There are guys like Bill Guerin ,Brad Stuart , Danny Markov , and many other decent players available that could help the Oilers in there short comings. The most realistic option for the Oilers would be the trade direction, Oilers have been in rumors to trade with Tampa and Florida. If Oilers are able to pick up a Center, LW, or a Veteran D-man they would be much better off. I guess all we can do now is wait and see what Kevin Lowe and company are able to pickup via Free Agency or Trade and hope it will have a large enough impact to get the Oilers back into the playoffs.

Thank you for reading my blog and stay strong in these hard times.
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July 3, 2007 10:09 AM ET | Delete
I like the idea of signing Ossi Vaananen to help bolster the defence corps...he's an underated defensive dman and might help fill the void left by the Gator trade...I like the idea of Guerin back to Edmonton...maybe V.Kozlov if we could get him...I think the center pool has dried right up unless you'd be willing to chance Comrie the Return!I think Souray might be fun to pick up just to say we signed somebody...Other than that my man it's looking pretty grim...
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