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Great Start, Now What?

Posted 12:52 PM ET | Comments 6
It's been a breath of fresh air to have a team to cheer for again.

Our Habs this year have come flying out of the gate. They have had some hiccups along the way so far, but overall its been a fast and exciting team which has been night and day from last years roll over and die edition.

Early returns suggest that we won the Galchenyuk and Pacioretty trades hands down, Kotkaniemi has been more than expected and turned himself into a fan favourite already, and some unexpected players such as Mike Reilly have made the overall group look a lot better than what we saw last year.
So now what?

1. Lets get our lines up to date. I'd like to see our best wingers-Tatar and Gallagher-with our best center, Domi. Let's start getting Kotkaniemi some time with Drouin and Lehkonen, he has been showing more and more offensive acumen every game and we need a true offensive center in our top 6. Let Danault excel in the checking role he is best suited for..... and for the love of god, lets get Deslauriers off of our starting roster. It was stupid to give this guy a one way contract. He's a fringe NHLer and his skill set, or lack thereof, does not complement this roster. Its ridiculous that Scherbak has not seen a single shift yet. It's time.

2. While we are at it, it's time to get Shaw and Armia off the PP. Armia has a grand total of ZERO PP goals in his career and he's out there night after night. As for Shaw, he's a bubble roster player (or at least should be) at this point in his career. (Think Washington would give us Eller for him 1 for 1? Horrible trade off.) Get him off the PP , like yesterday.

This team still has a severe lack of "A" level skill up and down the lineup, but until it arrives, we have to do the best to maximize what we have.

Other than that, I'm happy with what we are putting out there. It's fantastic to see Alzner is rightfully not playing, something I absolutely had no faith that we would do. Hopefully that extends to Plekanec when he comes back. If we can stick to an organizational philosophy of forward thinking and putting our best roster on the ice every night, it will be a fun season to watch, even if we lack the horses to get to the playoffs.

Thought for the week.......Imagine Subban with this roster. Catch you all in the next one.
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