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Random Playoff Thoughts

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I typically try to write thought provoking blogs. This time I just decided to write down the random things bouncing around in my head.

- Why do the Sharks turn back to Dr. Jekyll at game 83? Please turn back to Mr. Hyde.

- How does AO still not have a goal in the Caps / Rangers series?

- Is it just me or are penalties ruining playoff hockey? In the Caps / Rangers game last night there were seven penalties in the second period. How is that good for the game? It kills momentum, kills the fast paced back and forth play, and causes more stoppages so the game is longer. Isn't that doing the exact opposite of what the "New NHL" was trying to achieve by changing the rules?

For those who came out and openly criticized and attacked the Flyers fans for chanting "a**hole" at the refs, I am waiting for your screams that rinks are a family friendly environment. Last night in the Rangers game when Avery got his third penalty the "a**hole" chant began. Well, I am waiting...chirp, chirp. Also last night in Calgary when Bourque got his third slashing call the chant turned into "bull s**t", well where are the attacks....chirp, chirp. Listen, for the record, I am a Flyers fan and proud of it. ***I am not whinning and crying saying people treat us different etc.*** I am just pointing out that stuff like that happens in every stadium. Deal with it.

- If Halak is the better goalie, why does Price get the start every game? Does it surprise you they are down 0-3?

- As excited as I am that playoff hockey is here, I am still bummed to know that the off season is so close.

- This blog is preventing me from being productive at work.

- As good a story as Columbus was, did anyone really give them a chance against the Red Wings?

Well people, that's all I got for now. Good night and good hockey.
- SZ
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September 10, 2022 6:52 AM ET | Delete
Playoff time is here and it's time for random playoff thoughts. I've always been a huge football fan and love watching the playoffs, so I thought about what makes me smile during these intense games. You can go now and get more tips on the latest technology. Some of the reasons are things you would expect like a come-from-behind win or a team up to their opponent's ability on both sides of the ball.
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