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Charlotte, NC • United States • 34 Years Old • Male

Random Playoff Thoughts

Posted April 21, 2009
I typically try to write thought provoking blogs. This time I just decided to write down the random things bouncing around in my head. - Why do the Sharks turn back to Dr. Jekyll at game 83? Please turn back to Mr. Hyde. - How does AO still not have a goal in the Caps / Rangers series? - Is it just me or are penalties ruining playoff hockey? In the Caps / Rangers game last night there... Read More »

The Sound of Hockey

Posted May 13, 2008
I found an old video of my jazz band days when we played "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music. It made me think about this season and post season. Sure I had to shoehorn a couple words in there, but hey I am a drummer not a singer. Feel free to sing aloud. Enjoy. Blood clots in ankles and pucks into faces. Power play gaffes that send Malkin off to the races. The distant sound of b... Read More »

Same Old Song and Dance

Posted September 7, 2007
Throughout the years there have been many things required to become a hockey player - stick, puck, ice, and the ability to speak in cliches. This is a skill that is taught at a very young age. Only with years of training and practice can a person truly master this art. This was clear today in a transcript of Thursday's media conference with Flyers GM Paul Holmgren. There were 17 questions aske... Read More »

Yin & Yang

Posted August 27, 2007
Yin and yang, up and down, good and bad, a GM's job is full of contrast. A GM needs to manage winning now without losing in the future. For Philadelphia's Paul Holmgren this is no different. Last year with our beloved Flyers finishing last in the NHL Homer was tasked with getting the Flyers back on track fast without hurting the future of the franchise. Did he do it? Only the next few years w... Read More »

About Me

Favorite Teams

Flyers, Caps

Most Hated Teams

Every other team in the Atlantic division, Tampa Bay.

Favorite Players

Rick Tocchet, Sami Kapanen, Bernie Parent

Most Hated Players

Anyone that happens to own the Flyers (that means you Sid)

Best Hockey Memories

My first NHL game. Meeting Bob Kelly at a captains meeting because he owned our roller rink. Watching Reggie Leach shoot during a pickup game before my game started. Watching Lauren Hart sing God Bless America in a duet with Kate Smith on the jumbotron, it still gives me chills every time I think about it. Even though I know the outcome, I still find myself holding my breath when I watch the last couple minutes of the 1980 USA/USSR game. Randomly stumbling upon the Stanley Cup at a sporting goods store in DE.

My Hockey Teams

The Schwartz (current), Summit (current), Blue Steel, Ogilthorpes, Here 4 Beer, Scrubs, Wheels, Bears

As a hockey player, I compare to...

A poor man's version of when Sami Kapanen played defense. Short, hard worker, and never let my feet stop moving. I also love to block shots.

Favorite Websites

My daily run down is: philadelphiaflyers.com, espn.com/nhl, nhl.com, thehockeynews.com, csnphilly.com, tsn.ca, hockeybuzz.com