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No need to rush homer

Posted 12:05 PM ET | Comments 0
The last thing the flyers need to do is rush things and make a bad trade. The Cap is going to go up an anticipated 3 million wait before you tear apart the nucleuous of the team. Jeff Carter and his 40 goals are not easily replaced... It doesn't make sense to got out of your way and try to deal him Homer! If the flyers are blown away with an offer then its something to think about. Bryzgalov is good but there are many reports about him not being able to stay focused and that hes not a great looker room guy. Is this something we really want to get ourselves into? He's going to want to much money and to many years. You need someone to mentor Bob and hes not the type of guy who would want to do that. He has not done very well in the playoffs. I am not trying to bash him becuase he is a great goalie and yes I do like him but I don't think he is the best fit for the flyers. I would take Nabakov or Vokoun before him. Nabakov is making peanuts and you wouldn't have to give up to much to get him. He would be the perfect fit to help groom Bob.
If I were homer I would attempt to move guys like hartnell,carle,versteeg,shelly,walker,leighton,nodl. Waivers for guys if they are not moved shelly,walker, leighton to free up 3.5-4mil. The flyers really missed gagne and lappy we need some more heart on this team.
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