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Oh What a Night !

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The day was uneventful, was away at my sons college orientation for the weekend, but I planned ahead I took my Xm-Myfi with me knowing I would be on the road at 12 and for about 3- 3.5 hours, each time I heard a rumour I would think damn we aren't going to get anyone, damn Flyers are making some nice moves, damn Pens might get Kariya, wow East is going to be tough, then before they went off air some good news..Isles lose Potiyousuck to Caps, he sucks but he was one of the Isles best d-men, then they lost Zdneck, so at least we hadn't done anything and the Isles were losing players, I was Happy, then got home unpacked and went onto Tsn.ca and saw it ... Rangers ink Gomez and Drury...WOW , line combos are dancing in my head, but thats for another day another blog, for now I just want to enjoy the day, oh and to make it better Blake is now a Maple Leaf, so the only way the night can get better is after I post my Blog if Ryan Smith signs with anyone other then the Islanders !
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July 2, 2007 3:43 PM ET | Delete
I think you're egos in the hockey version of the NY Yankees won't last long. Jagr is a cry baby, Gomez is greedy and Drury doesn't care.
July 2, 2007 4:01 PM ET | Delete
Sure Mat the Rangers are spending twice as much as any other team, oh wait a minute every team is capped at the same number. But you're right Mat the Rangers blew away the market by signing, oh wait Philly signed Briere to the contract that set the market.Oh just forget about it.
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