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Joe's Garage • 49 Years Old • Male
Sidney Crosby on full display in the Conference Semifinals versus the New York Rangers. For all the talent Crosby shows, I just can't respect him like I respected a Gretzky. He seems to whine after every whistle and his diving should qualify him for the Beijing Olympics. The fans in Pittsburgh cheer Crosby and boo Jagr and I understand why. However, when it comes to integrity and sportsmansh... Read More »

Why Would They?

Posted November 8, 2007
Enough of the rumors of the Rangers trading Jaromir Jagr. Enough of the rumors that the Big Guy isn't happen without Nylander as his pivot. Enough with the rumors of JJ being disinterested and a diva on the ice. What I want to know is why would the Rangers even think of trading someone in the cap era that only counts $4.5 mill against their cap? What I want to know is who is the guy wearing... Read More »

It's Hockey Time

Posted September 19, 2007
Camp is over the team is doing it's annual bonding ritual once again at West Point and the Devils and Flyers are on deck in back to back games at the Garden this weekend. Yep it's Hockey Time again and all things are looking good in Rangerland. From all reports the combo of Gomez and Jagr has shown a lot of chemistry regardless of who was manning the left side Hossa or Dawes. Drury, Avery and S... Read More »

Matt We Hardly Knew Ya . . .

Posted July 17, 2007
Sather sends Matt Cullen back to Carolina for what looks like spare parts. Is this simply a salary dump to get better control of the cap and leave Sather some flexibility during the season or a precursor of another move? The players coming back are: Andrew Hutchinson D - 27 years old and played 41 games last year for the Canes. Great a possible 7th D-man on a team that already has one if not... Read More »

Vanek Offer Sheet

Posted July 6, 2007
TSN is reporting that the Edmonton Oilers have signed Buffalo Sabre forward Thomas Vanek to a $50 million dollar 7-year offer sheet. Looks like another example of the big market teams going crazy and taking advantage of the small market teams. Oh wait a minute forget everything I just said. Read More »