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Well folks once again the trade deadline has come and passed and for the second straight season Pegulaville was active in bettering the team.

I speak for all Sabres fans when I say it is very sad to watch Paul Gaustad leave, he was such an asset to this non physical team in the sense that he was physical, he was the only true faceoff guy and he killed penalties and did pretty much anything that was necessary. I hope he will be back come July. But, to get a first rounder out of him was great value. Also most of us Buffalo fans are sad to see Kassian gone. Another physical presence that really could do anything a top 6 forward should do. He will do great things in Vancouver he fits very well in their system. I do think he could have done amazing things here but, it is a business people.

Now for the returning players. We will start with Sulzer. I personally do not see a lot of upside here. He will fit Grangani's locker great...even during game time. I really do not see this guy getting much playing time. But who knows with Lindy. Next Cody Hodgson. From what I have read and seen this has tremendous upside. From what I read he is poised to become a #1 center which is what we need and can move Roy back to the #2 center he is and run two fully functional lines. The upside they say is a point per game player with Chris Drury leadership and clutch moments. Sounds kinda like what this team needs.

Time will tell....
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