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The Toronto Maple Leafs are likely headed back to the playoffs.

As a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, I do not like to see them miss the playoffs, I do however, like to see some form of direction, the good news with the salary cap rising to 50.3 million is that the Leafs now have the ability to speed through the "Let's get younger phase" which wasn't working out so great as it is. Let's face it, this city does not have the patience to go younger and lose for 4-5 years.

The signing of Blake makes the Leafs a faster team, provides some more scoring, and also another Tucker'esque "in your face type player", with league revenue seemingly raising every year, it seems as though Toronto fans will not have to be lulled through seasons of painstaking mediocreness, expect Toronto to finish top 6 this year (closer to 6 than 1), and as the cap steadily goes up in future seasons, expect them to continue that trend, the Blake signing signals the return to older is better for Toronto and hey, they might be right.
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July 3, 2007 8:27 AM ET | Delete
As a Leaf fan, I don't want to watch them "rebuild" for 10 years. If I hear "We can be like Pittsburgh" one more time, I'll snap. The Pens have been terrible for more than a decade... nobody points out the obvious... We could also end up like Washington!!!You don't need a dynasty to win the Cup... you need 1 year of good players and good luck.
July 3, 2007 6:31 PM ET | Delete
My full regards, A year ago, the whole Leaf community was willing to Hang JFJ because of some of the moves at that time. This was a time when he was handicapped in a market that was open to all and could not do much but sign a few scraps and wiggle with what hand he was dealt. Saying that, I think the signing of Peca was an excellent one and I think he would add value again this year under the right price. We need to move Razor, sign Peca and then add Joseph. Cujo will help Toska adjust to Toronto and its media. Now, this team may not make it to the cup finals but they have laid the foundation for whick a better future will entail. I can see someone like Heately in a TO uniform after next year if Matts decides to run off into the Sunset. Congrats the JFJ for completing these transactions given the personal issues he is presently going through.
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