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It could very well be that this is the last year for the big swede at the helm of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Sundin signed a 1 year term allowing him to decide on his own terms (and not handicap the Leafs) how he leaves the game, in what could likely be his last year in the NHL, it seems the Leafs are going to at least attempt to get him that big silver cup before he rides off into the swedish sunset (or Toronto smog, whichever he decides).

Make no mistake, this team is still miles away from winning a cup, but the moves they have made since resigning Mats, have been good ones, moves that signal once again competing with the big boys.

For Example:

Toskola: Seemingly a big upgrade from last year, should steal some games for Toronto which was lacking last season.

Mark Bell: an enigma with some baggage, but if Maurice can get this guy going, the trade overall will have been a huge steal for Ferguson (sounds funny saying that).

Jason Blake: Whom I covered yesterday, if he can score 30, the Leafs may have gotten the best bargain of all free agent signings.

With a couple more tweaks on the forward lines, one bigger, one smaller, a long play-off run is possible.

Time will tell, but all signs point to Sundin at least getting one more shot at the cup, and after the last two seasons, I'm sure he'll take it.
July 4, 2007 8:35 AM ET | Delete
it will take steen stjan, welly, antropov, pony, carlo and white to step up and play a bigger role. Look for steen to rebound from last year and if welly stays healthy i can see a 70 point season. I see the lines beingantropov sundin pony (not disrupting the chemistry from last yeartucker(or bell) wellwood blake (one doesnt shoo one doesnt pass)
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