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So far, this "Free Agent Frenzy" has been more like a free agent bore. But there was no lack of re-signings before noon, including Aves Defensemen Liles. I personally was hoping the Sabres would pick up Liles and Orpik. Plan C is prabably Striet of Montreal. Only time can tell, but I can tell you one thing. If they do nothing HSBC Arena will be up in Flames. By the way, good job Sabres for actually signing someone. The Goose is here to stay!
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July 2, 2008 11:25 AM ET | Delete
I wanted to see Buffalo get Liles if the Avs didn't, but I think they need an Orpick type player more. Commodore would have been a solid fit at a reasonable price. Buffalonews is reporting that Orpick wants a 7 year deal. That is entirely too long @ 4.5 million for a player that has had one great second half of a season and one excellent playoff year. In my book, 4 great months aren't enough to justify overpaying a player for the next 7 years. I want to see Buffalo get someone, but I don't want to see them get robbed either. Peca coming back would be great (though I don't know how necessary a move it would be.)
July 2, 2008 5:07 PM ET | Delete
Doesn't look like Reger really wantsOrpick, but he is looking for defensive help. He will likely affect a trade for one or two good, proven defensive players. A least Miller now has a proven back-up goalie to who can probably play 20 games and give him a rest when needed.
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