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Yesterday the Sabres signed goalie Patrick Lalime to a 2 year 1 million per deal. Lalime played for the Blackhawks last year, but is mostly known for being the starting goalie for the Senators before the lockout. As for defesemen, the Sabres only chance is Orpik. With Striet signing with the Islanders, Rozival back to the Rangers, and and Commodore to Columbus, he's the only good defens... Read More »
So far, this "Free Agent Frenzy" has been more like a free agent bore. But there was no lack of re-signings before noon, including Aves Defensemen Liles. I personally was hoping the Sabres would pick up Liles and Orpik. Plan C is prabably Striet of Montreal. Only time can tell, but I can tell you one thing. If they do nothing HSBC Arena will be up in Flames. By the way, good job Sabres for actuall... Read More »

Outdoor Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted July 10, 2007
The NHL announced that a outdoor game will be played this year. A Pittsburgh newspaper said that the Penguins have agreed to be the away team. The two possible home teams are Buffalo and Detroit. This game will most likley be played at the Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills. This game will be amazing! Sign me up for tickets. As a Buffalonian this will be a chance for me and others to... Read More »

Drury= NYR

Posted July 3, 2007
Drury went to the Rangers for a few reasons. The Sabres foundation treats star players like garbage. In the press conference held on the second a member of the press asked if they where becoming the Pittsburgh Pirates. Regher (the GM for anyone who doesn't know) mumbled "It's a possobility." HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT! Have they all gone crazy. The second reason he left was because he grew up near ther... Read More »
The Blues have brought many good players into there system. The thing is they all where old. Kariya is bringing them in the right direction. They still won't be a playoff contender, they need alot more, but they will be better. Read More »


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