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Game 4 Thoughts

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I was fortunate to go to game 4 last night, and what a difference 2 days made. Even though the Pens couldn't pull it out, I can't see any real reason why fans can be too upset at the team. They gave it their all, and it was very evident and the fans responded accordingly, from the cheers during a fourth line cycle to the fans clapping after the game in the midst of defeat. The only thing that could have been better was the power play obviously, which cost them the game. The Senators didn't play their best game, but a good team will win those kind of games, and all they really needed to help them was one bounce from the hockey gods.

Here's my take on some of the lines last night:

Staal-Roberts-Ouellet: this line provided not only the only goal, but was key to the physical presence...Roberts just keeps on levelling people in a useful fashion

Petrovicky-Ruutu-Talbot: another very physical line that cycled the puck really well...these guys don't usually score, but whatever they do has an effect on the following shifts, and their play definitely helped

Melichar-Scuderi: I feel this pairing was the only real dark spot in the lineup...I still don't see why they are on the penalty kill, and why Therrien has yet to sit at least one of them and give Nasreddine or Kwiatkowski a chance; it's not like they could do much worse

Ekman: played very well for not having played much lately, let alone the season due to injury

Fleury: solid game, didn't get tested too much it seemed, but made the saves he needed to...couldn't do anything about the first goal, but went down way early on the second, something he has a tendency of doing a lot

All we can do is hope the team puts forth the same effort tomorrow night, but hopefully a different outcome.

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