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You can bark and scream at the moon all you want...you can debate on websites, appeal to your friends for reason, throw your remote control across the room...all of it. I come onto this site and laugh and laugh at guys who think they can re-invent the wheel or even funnier, appeal for reason and devise gameplans to help their team - my team - the Leafs, run the ship into the shore.

Try coaxing the sun not to rise each day, politicians not to raise taxes, or talking the Grim Reaper out of doing his daily duties. All of these tasks are about as impossible, or improbable as trying to talk a professional athlete out of finishing the season hard, win as many games as possible, or even if it means "four-and-out" leaving everything on the ice to finish eighth and have even a remote chance of competing for the Stanley Cup.

Is it the logical course of action? No. Is it what's best for the franchise long-term? No. But let's take a step back here and evaluate the Leafs recent string of great play, big wins and change of attitiude for what it is - spirit of competition. Enjoy it.

Finally Leafs Nation is getting what they want - competition night in and night out. Albeit far too late, and don't confuse me with someone who thinks this is what is best for the team, but it is hard not to be excited again for game time. Who thought with Sundin and Antropov out for the last couple of weeks that there would be a game that meant anything this coming week, let alone the latest in the never-ending string of "biggest game of the year". I tried to root against them. I tried to get on board with "Tank Nation". Easier said than done.

If anyone is a true blue member of this teams loyal fan base then they are sitting back and enjoying the on-ice product. Nice for a change...so enjoy it, expect the worst but hope for the best, put your feet up and dust off your car-window Leafs flag in hopes that we may enjoy a game or two on a thawing Toronto patio.
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