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Banning and belligerence...

Posted April 14, 2008
[i]"The delusion that normally overwhelms fans of the Maple Leafs is already in full-bloom among those who fantasize about Steven Stamkos playing in Toronto. All it took was Fletcher refusing to dismiss the notion of trading up in the draft. [b]Cyberspace geniuses [/b]have convinced themselves that peddling Alex Steen (signed at $3.4-million for the next two years) and the Maple Leafs' first-round... Read More »
You can bark and scream at the moon all you want...you can debate on websites, appeal to your friends for reason, throw your remote control across the room...all of it. I come onto this site and laugh and laugh at guys who think they can re-invent the wheel or even funnier, appeal for reason and devise gameplans to help their team - my team - the Leafs, run the ship into the shore. Try coaxing... Read More »
I've seen four MTL games in person this year, 2 at the Bell Centre, one in Toronto and I happened to be in San Jose last week to watch the shoot-out that occured against the Sharks. Here are a couple of things that come to mind when I watch this team, and even as a Leafs fan I will be objective: 1) Has Campbell given komisarek his jock back? (If you thought that was a pretty goal on TV you... Read More »
Well, it certainly looks like Mats has dug in and he is going to go down with his ship. If this were a movie I think we'd all be applauding our hero. So committed, such the "anti-athlete", cares more about the city that has idolized him than winning a championship. Cue the haunting violin now... SNAP OUT OF IT! This is NOT - repeat NOT - the idealic "[i]Jerry Maguire Mission Statement[/i]"... Read More »

Empty Platinums = No Re-build at ACC

Posted February 21, 2008
January 22, 2008 - Cliff Fletcher re-hired as Leafs Interim GM...as stated by the silver fox himself, Cliff was to take a couple of weeks to evaluate the roster and it was widely speculated in the media and online that he was brought in with a mandate to clear cap space, re-make the roster and put the team on a path to re-building similar to the Flyers model of this past off-season. Fast forwar... Read More »


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