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Apparently PT Sports is saying that one of the top 3 GM candidates for the permanent position is current NSH GM David Poile.

He's certainly a man who knows how to build through the draft (Suter, Radulov, Weber, Erat, Hartnell, Legwand, Klein, Hamhuis, Tootoo)

As well as one who can find hidden gems from all mediums (Timmonen from Kings trade, Dumont as an FA, Mason off waivers)

In addition, he's constantly worked with a cap ceiling of $35M on the cash-strapped NSH organization. Imagine him with a plethora of picks to work with, and a $55M cap ceiling.

I think he'd be an oustanding choice, and one of the most underrated GM's in the entire league. Obviously, it was mentioned that one of the stumbling blocks is that like Bowman, he's afraid of dealing with the Board over his head, but this is where Fletcher as an interim GM makes sense. Fletcher used to mentor Poile and they share a strong working relationship, as Fletcher could perhaps be a buffer between the board and Poile.

In addition, Poile's still relatively young at 56 years of age, has international hockey experience (GM of US National team in '98 and '99), and he's a hometown Toronto boy!

Get 'er done! He's my fave candidate thus far!
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January 15, 2008 5:53 PM ET | Delete
You are correct on all your points. I just wonder how long Fletcher will be willing to act as a go between. After all he is 73. Maybe its a young 73 just wondering. I have feared that someone might mention David. He has done wonders here in Nashville and prior to that with Washington.Makes sense just hope MLSE Board doesnt think like you do
January 16, 2008 12:03 PM ET | Delete
Definitely an interesting read. Had not thought of Poile but at this time in our history he makes sense
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