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Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and this is mine, so flame away if you wish.

What I annoys me the most is the tendency of Leaf fans to hop on the bandwagon or the "Fad of the Day".

When the team is winning, they jump all over the radio hosts saying "I told you so. I told you so."

When the team is losing, everyone coins the catch phrase "blame MLSE" and they think they're informed fans. Then, they go and proclaim that they're no longer happy with the mediocrity and that fans should voice their displeasure and stop attending games, etc.

Now, when the team strings together a few wins, they look at the 6% chance of making it, and call it blasphemy. Suddenly, it's not about overpriced tickets or 41 years of drought, it's about hope and the Cinderella story that this team will be the first to ever ccomplish a Stanley Cup victory as the 8th seed.

Those of us who truly want to voice our displeasure at the mediocrity have suddenly become sinners, since we have to "stick with and support the team through thick and thin". Are you kidding me?

Leaf fans can't even hold a position/opinion with any sort of conviction. . It's It's like a piece of cloth blowing in the wind.
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