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It's The Team, Stupid.

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The rejection of Daryl katz's offer to buy the Edmonton Oilers from the Edmonton Investors Group is being met with some absurd claims - namely, that spending to the cap is the way to win Lord Stanley. The facts from the new-CBA era do not support this myth:

EC Champs – OTT - $43.630M
EC Finalists – BUF - $39.991M

WC Champs – ANA - $40.461M*
WC Finalists – DET - $39.872M

Oilers - $42.280M

EC Champs – CAR – $35.308M*
EC Finalists – BUF – $28.515M

WC Champs – EDM - $38.469M
WC Finalists – ANA - $32.060M

* = SC Winner

All numbers from USA Today : http://asp.usatoday.com/s...nhl/salaries/default.aspx

Ottawa outspent Anahiem and lost. Edmonton outspent Carolina and lost.

What is clear is that teams win championships when all the pieces are able to come together, and rarely are those moments because a General Manager has spent to the cap. In fact, in almost all cases it takes cheap and effective players playing beyond their contracts. Getzlaf and Perry meant Teemu did not have to carry the team, and Giggy, Prongs, Nieds, and Beau were a dream team at the back-end. Similarily it took excellent contracts out of E. Staal, Cam Ward, Andrew Ladd, and even Cole and Kaberle to put a TEAM together.

At any rate, the EIG have the right to own a hockey club they saved and this mud-sligging is garbage. it's bad enough Strickland will rip us every chance he gets, we have to feed off our own as well?
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