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"Evenings with Joni"

It's The Team, Stupid.

Posted August 7, 2007
The rejection of Daryl katz's offer to buy the Edmonton Oilers from the Edmonton Investors Group is being met with some absurd claims - namely, that spending to the cap is the way to win Lord Stanley. The facts from the new-CBA era do not support this myth: 2007 EC Champs – OTT - $43.630M EC Finalists – BUF - $39.991M WC Champs – ANA - $40.461M* WC Finalists – DET - $39.872M O... Read More »

Pitkanen Signs 1-Year Deal

Posted July 20, 2007
Per TSN. 1 year, $2.4M. Interesting deal. Wanted something to take Joni past Free Agency or at least 2 years, but he either has a smart agent or Kevin Lowe has a plan to bring on salary. Him going RFA next year could spell trouble. Although we can match any offer sheet I suppose, so that is less of a risk than Buffola fans would like to make it. Read More »
Welcome to Evenings with Joni. We begin this series with a bold prediction: the 2007/08 Edmonton Oilers will make the playoffs. A lot of pundits, fair-weather fans, and jabber boxes are underestimating the improvements Kevin Lowe has made. And Kevin Lowe is not perfect, but he is a smart GM. Does the lack of offensive depth/goal scorers worry me? Of course, but forwards are much more ava... Read More »


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