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"The Reed Review"
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Depth Chart
Tim Connolly
Derek Roy
Paul Gaustad
Adam Mair
Jochen Hecht
Nathan Gerbe
Marek Zagrapan

Thomas Vanek
Daniel Paille
Patrick Kaleta
Clarke MacArthur
Philippe Gogulla

Drew Stafford
Jason Pominville
Ales Kotalik
Maxim Afinogenov
Andrew Peters
Mark Mancari

Jaroslav Spacek
Toni Lydman
Henrik Tallinder
Craig Rivet
Andrej Sekera
Nathan Paetsch
Mike Weber
Teppo Numminen

Ryan Miller
Patrick Lalime
Jhonas Enroth

Possible Lines
Thomas Vanek--------------Derek Roy------------------Tim Connolly
Drew Stafford---------------Jochen Hecht------------Jason Pominville
Daniel Paille-----------------Paul Gaustad-----------Maxim Afinogenov
Patrick Kaleta----------------Adam Mair------------------Ales Kotalik

Toni Lydman-----------Henrik Tallinder
Jaroslav Spacek----------Craig Rivet
Teppo Numminen-------Andrej Sekera/Mike Weber (Constant Rotation)

Ryan Miller
Patrick Lalime

First things first, I really see Vanek exploding again, similar to his end of the year performance. I really see Ruff keeping Roy with Vanek. Next a little of my opinion, with Connolly as injury prone as he is and as good as a play maker as he is, I could definitely see him switching to the wing with the depth we have at center. Connolly setting up the raw goal scoring of Roy and Vanek sends shivers down my spine.

Now as I have seen thus far, Drew's performance in the big leagues does nothing but remind me so much of Danny Briere. Having him play with Hecht and Pominville will do nothing but compliment the already great chemistry these two have.

Gaustad deserves to be a third line center and Paille certainly deserves to be on the third line. Paille and Gaustad are incredible defensive players. I really believe in balance, putting our arguably best defensive forwards with the worst for turnovers will balance out and become a shut down line with some goal potential.

Kotalik's play has slowly been worsening over the years but his big body and great puck protection will combine with Mair's great hustle and fore check. Kaleta or MacArthur, I had to give it to Kaleta, MacArthur is great but he deserves better than the fourth line, and until an injury or trade frees positions up I say let him develop even more in the AHL. Not to mention Kaleta's amazing fore check and ability to get the crowd roaring with one solid hit every time he hits the ice.

No explanation....these guys are our shutdown combo, regardless of their inconsistency I still believe in these two.

A very good two way defense man in Spacek will do nothing but benefit from an experienced hard hitting, stay at home defense partner.

With Numminen back I immediately believe he is healthy, as I doubt he would return if this was not the case. Therefore, I believe he should be using his great leadership and knowledge of defense to being mentoring the up and coming rookies. Now with the great play of Sekera and Weber I just can not see one of them going to the AHL, and with their young and possibly inconsistent play I have reason to believe they should be rotating, give each defense 41 games to prove their worth again, of course unless an injury arises.

Ryan Miller-Patrick Lalime
An obvious choice...however, I do see the possibility of a young Enroth making one or two appearances for a pair of reasons. One, Lalime is youthfully challenged as I like to say and can be prone to injury, not saying he will but it could happen. Second, Enroth is incredible with enormous potential and we are finally bringing him to the AHL. I say give him a shot just to let him see what the big leagues are like.
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September 14, 2008 11:13 PM ET | Delete
why not trade max for gaborik?
September 15, 2008 12:02 AM ET | Delete
I love the lines, but for the depth chart at the top, Roy has to go above Connolly and Numminen has to be higher, but I'm not sure you put those in order of best to worst or not. I really think your idea for trying to Connolly at wing is a good one, though...why not try it?
September 15, 2008 12:02 AM ET | Delete
mikehock, minnesota would want more than max...but let's make the deal now, jeez. sounds good to me.
September 15, 2008 9:05 AM ET
1) Yes to Connolly on the wing 2) We don't have "great depth at center" 3) No to Enroth up in the NHL this year. He's never played North American style hockey and I don't want to see him get the red light special even for one game or two. He's a phenomenal talent, but keep him in the AHL with our stud DMen and let him season a bit. It's like making a great stew....let it simmer!
September 16, 2008 1:42 PM ET | Delete
you made a depth chart for the team.....and then completely ignored it when making your lines?????????
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