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"Brisebois heading back to Montreal?!"
Montreal, QC • Canada •
I know we've all heard about the Patrice Brisebois rumors but it has me wondering, why would Bob Gainey be looking to pay 700k of our remaining cap space to Patrice of all people.

Check our current defesive line up:

2:Hamrlik-Streit(or Gorges)

The way I see it, we're better off with either of the two of our bottom three defensemen rather then Patrice. Then if anything we'd have to replace either Bouillon or Dandeneault with Patrice. Personally I can't see that happening. Especially when it would be smarter to get some young guy to come up like O'Byrne. If anything this only creates a problem because it makes us need to get rif of a defensemen. The only way it would be worth it is if we could somehow get somebody to take either of Bouillon or Dandeneault on waivers and gain a massive salary dump from it.

But this still brings me back to having to see Patrice Brisebois on the ice every night when I watch a game, and I just don't think I can bring myself to do this. Not after the Theodore stuff, not after the Samsonov stuff, and especially not after the Briseby stuff.

I remember watching this guy play for us back in the day and I have to say, I remember being horrified night after night seeing him play. I'd really much rather they kept the defensemen they have and/or brought up some youth.

Essentially all this would be is a giant waste of salary space. Ultimately leading to us not in any way shape or form aquiring a good forward or even defenseman(Dany Markov comes to mind).

We've got Rider signed in for one more year at 2.95$mil so it's understandable if Gainey is looking for a 1 year contract defenseman, but still I think it isn't worth it. We need a solid defensemen or a solid forward. Not a mediocre recycled defensemen.
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