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"Brisebois heading back to Montreal?!"
Montreal, QC • Canada •
Is it me or are Toronto and Montreal the two teams most known for recycling over the hill players resigning them when they are past their prime? Let me start by saying that from what I've been hearing, the Brisebois deal is a done deal. The only thing I can think of that could be good coming out of this deal is if now we somehow manage to get rid of Dandeneault or preferably Bouillon, they will gain significant cap space. That having been said, does the Canadiens organization truly remember how faulty Brisebois' game was those few years back when we had him or have they forgotten already? The way things happen here, I wouldn't be too shocked to see another Sergei Samsonov signing in 2010. Or maybe the leafs will get Allison? Who knows. But either way the amount of recycling of players these two teams do is really sad.

Gainey, JFJ, stop filling roster holes with players who are known cancers or who don't fit in your teams systems. Brisebois even on a third defensive pairing is a waste. I really don't feel like seeing Huet or Halak being scored on on account of Brisebois terrible defense. If there's some form of salary dump in the process of signing him, putting somebody else on waivers or possibly trading them, then it would make a bit more sense. The only thing that makes this trade worth it is if they sign Brisebois, free up cap space and sign a solid forward.

Or maybe if they got rid of Dandouillon they could easily have the best defense in the North East division by signing D.Markov.

Hamrlik-Gorges(Let this kid learn from a true stay at home defensemen)
D. Markov-Brisebois(Keep Brisebois in check with D.Markov and limited ice time)

I wouldn't want Gorges being stuck with Brisebois because then for 1/3 of the night the pucks would be flying into the back of our Net. But that is a pretty impressive defensive unit. Markov, Markov, Komisarek and Hamrlik alone are good, at the very worst Streit could be put back on defense.

So why do Montreal and Toronto recycle old players? Brisebois is only a marginally better player then either of Dandy and Bouillon and he lacks the same defensive game they do have, so I don't see the gain here for Montreal. Our defense effectively gets worse unless a trade is in the making which brings D. Markov here, then of course our defense gets better. Somebody to keep Brisebois on his toes would be very nice.

I'd rather recycle Ninimaa at a league minimum then go for another run with Brisebois, he's already been given too many chances.

As for Toronto, their offense is looking better but one thing lingers in my mind and that is, will Blake have a repeat season? His stats certainly don't merit any logical reason to believe so, but definitely it is possible. As a player his stats don't seem very stable and he could be Toronto's version of our last years Kovalev.

Hopefully for both teams both players (Kovalev and Blake) do play well for their respective teams this season.
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