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Nice road win for the Coyotes last night. This was one of the best showings the team has had all year with the help of LaBarbera. Two strong games in a row where this team started to show signs of the team last year. A nice come from behind win, shutting down the Blackhawks once the lead was taken. Tippett made a smart move swapping Whitney with Prucha on the Turris and Hanzal lines. Whitney has struggled this year but still has plenty of skill left in the tank. Upshall has been playing like a warrior, and Turris has shown great progress. This move could turn that line into a dangerous one, while bring back the Czech line. I thought the game against the Red Wings on Monday was the closest complete game of the year that mirrored Coyotes hockey from the prior season. This game got off to a tough start, but the team never gave up and kept it close. The lines are starting to click a bit now and Wolski is starting to play with confidence. Belanger continues to show how valuable he can be in every zone. The team will need to ride off of this and continue the momentum into the back to back home tilts.

I thought the interview with the potential owner was very interesting. Mr. Hulsizer seems to be a genuine human being with a passion for hockey. Key things I noticed were the way he used “we” for anything mentioned about hockey ops. Also it seemed like he knew an announcement was coming soon, and stressed that several times. Hopefully this guy can bring in some stability to this promising franchise.
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