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Who will be the New York Islanders 2011-12 head coach? Can Capuano do enough to earn the job? Will a veteran be brought in? or just another first timer? These are all questions that unfortunately won’t be answered to the public this season. I think Capuano will have to come very close to winning the Stanley Cup to deserve or get the job next season. The team has needed a veteran coach, with some league wide respect for quite some time now. You would think that would be the way to go, but you can’t leave out the option of a young gun tearing up the AHL. Many names are out there right now, some obvious, some not so obvious. Articles have been written about MacTavish being a good choice for this team because it resembles the 8th seed Edmonton team he took to the finals. Well this team does not have Ryan Smyth, Jason Smith, Mike Peca, Chris Pronger in it’s locker room. There are older coaches like Hitchcock and Quinn out there. One name I will throw out that I have yet to hear is John Stevens, the former Flyers coach. I think he would be a blah move, and that’s what made me think of him for the Isles job. Characteristics would be thrown out that he worked well with the Flyers youth before they became what they are now. Well I for one am tired of hearing these types of explanations, but I offer some support if this name comes up. If Stevens is not guaranteed much, maybe even a 2 year deal it could serve a purpose. Stevens is that type of coach that has a bit of experience in a tough town with a fan base demanding more. He has had success in the NHL, but to a point. It would be nice to have a coach step in and bring this youth along with a good mix of veterans, but it isn’t that easy. I personally think that this team is 2 coaches away from there Stanley Cup leader. Stevens would be a nice bridge to that time on the island. Stevens has coached several prospects that took big steps under him, and he has coached veterans that continued success under him. The bottom line with his firing in Philadelphia was that the team finally was expected to win a lot and they weren’t cutting it. I think Steven’s getting this team to play in a playoff round would be well taken by the Islanders faithful, and a huge learning experience for the young guns. Maybe he would win further with them, or maybe the team would need that final veteran coach. Either way it could be a shot worth trying…….or I heard Ted Nolan is still available.
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