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Well its been some time now since I have been able to put up a blog and as I sat here thinking about what to write I began going back over all the great hockey memories I have, especially those of my team, the Canucks. A I went from memory to memory, each one bringing back a moment in time, a picture, an image, a feeling, I realized how much a part this team, and this game, has been in my life.

We all have moments in time that will forever be etched in our memories and still as clear 20yrs after as the day they were formed. Graduation, your first car, your first.....well, you get the idea, all memories that probably ever person shares and remembers. These, however, are not the memories I am talking about in this blog. Great memories all, but when it comes to a Hockey fan they are accompanied by many great goal, a great play, and countless other memories attributed to this great game, and the many great players and teams we have all grown up with.

A few set apart for everyone and for me there are a great many, but I will only touch on a few that are some of my most memorable.

Lets start with this...94......to every Canuck fan this is not simply a number, its a symbol. The number 94 for me brings back memories of an epic struggle of an underdog team making a Cinderella run to the cup. This run is chalk full of moments in time that I will never forget. Watching on TV as Jim Robson yells 'Greg Adams!, Greg Adams!, Greg Adams!', after he puts away the OT winner past Potvin to beat the leafs, Jeff brown sending Bure in on Vernon to score one of the greatest Canuck goals of all time, and the OT winner to Eliminate the flames, Kirk McLean's save on Reichel to keep the dream ali ve, and Trevor Linden on one knee in the corner after game 7 at MSG, the expression on his face speaking volumes. I was lucky enough to be at the old Coliseum for game 6 and will forever remember the noise, the atmosphere, and especially that old light bulb scoreboard flashing the words 'WE WIN'. Ahh, 94.....saying it out loud just gives me chills.

As a kid I was fortunate enough to be able to get very close to this team, and some of its players. Back in the days when players lived in Condos, and not in million dollar houses, many a fan had the fortunate luck of having an NHL player live on their street, in their building, or even next door. My uncle was one of those fortunate few and his neighbor was a not only a Canuck, but one of the more memorable ones at that, Harold Snepts. I was no more than 5 or 6 at the time but I remember him as a giant of a man, always with a smile ear to ear and always having that trademark Mustache. I can remember the countless times he would chase me down and place me in 'the penalty box' (up on top of my uncles fridge). One day he came over and gave me a container which contained match books from over 300 hotels and bars around north America that he had collected over the years on the road. I still have them all tucked away in a sealed box holding no value to anyone but myself, a value of priceless. Priceless were those years, those memories, and of course.....that mustache.

These were a few of my memories, and there are certainly many more, but whether it be of a player, a play, a year, or a box of matchbooks, we all have so many great memories that this game has brought us. It has certainly brought me many unique experiences and frozen moments in time that will forever be priceless reminders of a game that I have grown up with, around, and loved since the moment I was first introduced to it.

What is are some of your great memories, Canuck or other? We all have them, these Memories, memories that last forever.......
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This might be a tad off topic but....In my opinion I think we are going to be seeing a rematch of the 94 Stanley Cup this year. Both the Canucks and Rangers look like they are going to be strong teams coming into this year.
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good job jbug
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