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Suspensions decided by.......the players?

Posted September 29, 2007
In the past week we have had a front row seat to see how the current review committee, and Colin Cambell, determine player suspensions. We all saw the hit, the coaches responses, player responses, media input, public outcry, etc, etc etc. Its a long, and flawed, system that in the end determines a punishment which is usually met with and equal amount of approval and displeasure. The purpose... Read More »

Memories that last forever......

Posted September 11, 2007
Well its been some time now since I have been able to put up a blog and as I sat here thinking about what to write I began going back over all the great hockey memories I have, especially those of my team, the Canucks. A I went from memory to memory, each one bringing back a moment in time, a picture, an image, a feeling, I realized how much a part this team, and this game, has been in my life.... Read More »

For Love....or Money

Posted July 24, 2007
In the ever changing economics of hockey, one thing has started to become very clear, some play for love and others play for money. Clearly its easy to see both types of players in the NHL today, but in my opinion, its the ones that play for the money that have caused the biggest problem with salaries in today's NHL. Let's look at a single statement that we hear over and over when FA time c... Read More »