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"San Jose Sharks 2010-11"
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Sharks vs. Kings Preview

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Calling tonight's game a must-win for the Sharks is an understatement.
I believe this to be their first must-win of the season.
Winning this game would put them at a comfortable 4th in the West.
Losing this game will keep them at 10th place out of the playoffs.
The Kings are the worst team in the west.
The Sharks are 1-2 against them this season.
They will be playing at the Shark Tank tonight.
As it stands San Jose has the second worst home record.
They really need to win this game to bounce back and get things rolling again.
The long break has killed whatever momentum they once had.
JR's 500th was a great boost, no question.
But it is not acceptable to keep losing games at home.
Oddly enough the Sharks have the NHL's best road record.
How is that possible?
There are a number of factors you could point at and say "that's what's wrong".
You could blame their schedule, coaching, playing in front of a home crowd...
I think it's a small combination of all those little things. They add up.
If this team wants to be a contender they have to get over those things.
It is important to remain positive. Look at the bright side.
At least they are winning games on the road.
It is easier to fix a team losing at home than one that loses on the road.
Will there be a trade in the following weeks? If so, then who will go?
Marleau and Cheechoo's names have been thrown around quite a bit.
Remember the ultimate goal of this team: to win a Stanley Cup.
I still think you have a better shot with Patty and Cheech in your lineup.
The return for them would not be good enough to justify a trade.
Especially if they were traded to Toronto or Montreal.
No more building. We don't need prospects. We need players now.
As far as people saying we need a backup goalie...
I trust Doug Wilson's judgment.
If he feels we need to bring someone in, he will make it happen.
There is still a lot of season left to play and anything can happen.
But there is only so long we can go before something needs to be done.
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