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Thursday night will be a match up of i think the two top teams in the Western conference between the San Jose Sharks and Detroit Red Wings. The Sharks will be hungry as they host the Detroit Red Wings the team that ousted them from last years playoffs in six games.

Many picked the Sharks or Wings to be hoisting the Cup come this spring, making this to be one hell of a game. The Sharks off to somewhat of a slow start got on track Monday night with their 4-2 win against the Vancouver Canucks. The Red Wings will be looking to bounce back from a defeat Monday night at the hands of the Anaheim Ducks.

Hopefully this game lives up to what it should be; a fantastic hockey game. Unlike the Anaheim-Detroit affair, and doesn't get controlled by the zebra's.
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October 17, 2007 8:00 PM ET | Delete
too bad the Sharks are still having power outages. Every Shark fan ask themselves if the team will decide to show up for a full 60 minutes.
October 18, 2007 12:40 AM ET | Delete
too bad the Sharks will be facing Osgood not Hasek. According to the San Jose Mercury.
October 27, 2007 12:18 AM ET | Delete
i'm not quite sure i'm ready to say the sharks are the second best team in the west, they should be the best but when you play the game some how the red wings dominate with those mummies in goal. i'm jealous of how well they are playing...though i have to hate them i find myself enjoying them.but yeah the ducks have talent but clutch and grab. i watched that series last year and i was pissed. i couldn't believe pronger was allowed to play so soon after his whining revenge moves though holstrom is no angel either(and though he could play for my team anyday), it's always a pleasure to see his poop eating grin get smacked. notice the ducks fans bsing and crying though they should be watched as well as columbus. playing a trap just sucks but when they are allowed to get away with interference and holding then every gm's gonna want giant players even if they're slow and half as talented.
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