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My Picks

Posted October 8, 2010
Western--- 1)San Jose 2)Vancouver 3)Chicago 4)St. Louis 5)LA 6)Edmonton 7)Nashville 8) Colorado Eastern--- 8) New York Rangers 7) Carolina 6) Buffalo 5) Toronto 4)Pittsburg 3)Philly 2)Boston 1)Washington Read More »
There's a lot of interesting players in this draft. As always it depends on who is drafting in front of you and who they chose and how you have your draft board ranked. I'm of the opinion that you go for skill heavily balanced with character. You only break from character in later rounds looking for home-run picks, the kind which can gain value in a potential trade. So some of the things... Read More »
There's some sarcasm in the title. I know why there are so many officials but I no longer know why they are all on the ice. Maybe the NHL should consider putting an official either between the penalty boxes or between the benches. What, why? If you watch as much hockey as me you've probably noticed how manytimes the officials get in the way of the play or can't believe the official further... Read More »

What did the Florida game tell us?

Posted October 28, 2008
It told us we still have offense. It showed what happens when we have a decent time in the transition game. BUT...oh yes the but. But in the end Florida was pretty sluggish and did not truly resemble the team I'd seen this season. Their forecheck was not as strong as it usually was and that still means seeing the turnovers throughout the game that the Blues major issue continues to be their tr... Read More »
We're early into the season yet and but a few patterns have emerged. The obvious one being the Blues penchant for falling behind and the other being they usually come back. Another pattern is the inability of some of our defense to make a good breakout play or pass. None of the D-men seem to keen on rushing the puck or making the move on the intial forechecker but are quick to get rid of it and... Read More »

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Favorite Teams

St.Louis Montreal Buffalo

Most Hated Teams

:det :chi :VAN

Favorite Players

Perron, Kane, Sid, Joe Thorton, St. Louis, Vinny and so many others. Especially if you're a smaller player with great speed, hands, game vision and have a HUGE heart.

Most Hated Players

Carcilo and all the divers and cry babies out there.

Best Hockey Memories

and instead we got the other team to agree to make it a go as long as it didn't get out of hand we'd keep playing. we ended up winning something like 17-14 without a goalie against a goaltender that was pretty solid.

My Hockey Teams

Valley, Chaminade, Army Alaska, JP Nordiques, pick up games around Fairbanks with some of the sweetest players not in the show

As a hockey player, I compare to...

Geof Courtnal--hit everything, played hard, tenacious, speedy, good shots but except unlike Courtnal I never shoot the puck enough or when I should...try to make the pretty play

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Andy Strockland, EricEngels

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tsn.ca, thn.com, hb.com,