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"Metro Ice Challenge Standings!"
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More 'Metro Ice' ACTION!

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I feel as if the Rangers are gonna take the charity money that's up for grabs (for the HUMMER Metro Ice Challenge taking place between the Devils, Rangers and Islanders) due to their recent play. Currently they're trailing the Islanders by just two points but I think with the upcoming games scheduled, that'll completely change. Additionally, they beat the Devils 1-0 in Overtime on Sunday night, which allowed them to close up the gap a bit.

The Devils' loss to the Rangers snapped a nine-game winning streak the team had developed for itself. Brendan Shanahan ripped a shot past Martin Brodeur 30 seconds into Overtime, breaking a scoreless tie and giving the Rangers a narrow victory. The last time the Devils lost in regulation was when they played (guess who...) the Islanders on Nov. 16th.

"We have to look at the positives," Devils forward Patrik Elias said in a recent interview with the Associated Press. "We had something special going. To get a point in ten games in a row that's great. We've just got to let it go." I believe he meant to say 'allow a point' because getting one point in ten games just doesn't sound all that impressive. Am I right or am I right?

Anyway, the next game in the competition is scheduled for Saturday, December 29th when the Devils face off against the Islanders.

Check out more information at the site below. They're documenting the competition really well and have media you can check out.


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