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"Metro Ice Challenge Standings!"
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More 'Metro Ice' ACTION!

Posted December 12, 2007
I feel as if the Rangers are gonna take the charity money that's up for grabs (for the HUMMER Metro Ice Challenge taking place between the Devils, Rangers and Islanders) due to their recent play. Currently they're trailing the Islanders by just two points but I think with the upcoming games scheduled, that'll completely change. Additionally, they beat the Devils 1-0 in Overtime on Sunday night, wh... Read More »

What happened, Rangers?

Posted December 5, 2007
Matt Cullen and the Carolina Hurricanes came into Madison Square Garden last night and throughly spanked my New York Rangers. Still riding atop at Atlantic Eastern Conference standings, the Rangers are still doing well despite the temporary setback. What really interests me, though, is how everything ends up with the [i]HUMMER 'Metro Ice Challenge'[/i]. Currently the Islanders are still leading... Read More »

Metro Ice Challenge Standings, people!!!

Posted November 27, 2007
Ok, so I'm pretty obsessed with this challenge so I took it upon myself to post the current standings. The next game isn't far off so it's definitely going to heat up when my friends and I get together to watch it. One of my college friends almost got in a fist fight with some dude at the bar because the Devils are doing so poorly, Metro Ice Challenge-wise. My New York Rangers are currently in... Read More »

Metro Ice Challenge Tonight!

Posted November 14, 2007
Ok, so the Rangers are playing the Devils this evening and I'm pretty amped about it. I haven't been in the Tri-State area for that long but I'm really liking the whole 'Metro Ice Challenge' the Rangers, Devils and Islanders have going on, especially the charity portion of the competition. Apparently the team with the most points and wins is awarded $50,000 to donate to the charity of their choice... Read More »

Modano's Milestone

Posted November 8, 2007
Most of you are probably aware of this but Mike Modano of the Dallas Stars became the highest-scoring American in NHL history last night during Dallas' easy victory over the San Jose Sharks. The six-time all-star surpassed Phil Housley's record during the game and is currently sitting on a record of 1,233 points in 1,253 regular-season games -- 242 games fewer than Housley played. Congratulations... Read More »


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