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"The Confluence of the Three Rivers"
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What is this, football ??

Just when the Penguins finally start to play some consistent hockey, the enigma that is the NHL schedule maker lowers the boom and gives the Pens a six day break.

Six days is an eternity for hockey teams, especially those teams that are playing well. Obviously, if your team is slumping, the extended time off is welcomed. But this break, at this time, couldn't have happened at a worse time for the Penguins.

To make matters worse, not only did the NHL give the Pens a six day break, but then they turn right around and give them six games in eight days, starting Friday night at the Igloo vs. the Dallas Stars. Here's the remaining games during that timeframe;

Fri., Nov. 30 - Stars at Pens

Sat., Dec. 1 - Pens at Leafs

Mon., Dec. 3 - Coyotes at Pens

Wed., Dec. 5 - Pens at Oilers

Thur., Dec. 6 - Pens at Flames

Sat., Dec 8 - Pens at Canucks

I'm sure it's not terribly easy to make a 82 game schedule for 30 NHL teams, especially considering that many of the arenas that host those teams have other obligations, such as basketball, concerts, circuses, etc.

But the NHL should attempt to even out these inconsistencies in the schedules.

The Confluence of the Three Rivers
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