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Persistent Penguins down Coyotes, 3-1

Posted December 3, 2007
If at first you don't succeed, try seven more times. The Penguins powerplay was pretty lousy all night long, while not really generating that many good scoring opportunities in the process. But the Pens decided eight was enough when right-handed defenseman Kris Letang scored in the left slot on a cross-ice feed from Sidney Crosby for the game-winning goal with about eight minutes to go, and... Read More »
Oh boy, I could take a lot of heat for this one. Screw it, I'm gonna get it off of my chest, and put my flak jacket on. I only ask that you hear me out and read my rationale before flaming away. OK, let's set things straight right now. I LOVE SIDNEY CROSBY, in a purely plutonic fan-to-professional athlete type of way. He's far and away the best playmaker in hockey. He's the face of the P... Read More »

Leafs dominate sloppy Penguins, 4-2

Posted December 1, 2007
A night after the Penguins won their third straight game with a dominating 4-1 win against the Dallas Stars at the Igloo, the skate was on the other foot tonight at the Air Canada Center as the Pens took a step back in a disappointing 4-2 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs came out energized right off the bat and took it to the Pens, who didn't have a response until the third period was... Read More »

Recchi trade could be on the horizon

Posted November 29, 2007
Lots of chatter around the Penguins' blogosphere lately concerning the possible departure of veteran winger Mark Recchi. Courtesy of our colleague Lyle at Spector's Hockey, who received the following blurb from one of his emailers; Pierre Maguire was on the TEAM1040 this morning (Wednesday)in Vancouver and he was talking about the Recchi situation. Him and Recchi were texting each other last... Read More »
What is this, football ?? Just when the Penguins finally start to play some consistent hockey, the enigma that is the NHL schedule maker lowers the boom and gives the Pens a six day break. Six days is an eternity for hockey teams, especially those teams that are playing well. Obviously, if your team is slumping, the extended time off is welcomed. But this break, at this time, couldn't have... Read More »

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