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"This is Shark Territory!!!"
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Hooker here.

As are all of you in today after last nights big win. How can you be having a bad day??

So some of my thoughts on last nights game (some good, some bad)!!

First I will start off with the good.

Ryan Clowe WOW!!! This guy has really made an impact in this line up. He looks like a shark in the water stalking its next victim (no pun intended). I love the way he skates and finishes his check. You also need to give him props for NEVER being afraid to plant his butt in front of Kipper and get the dirty goals. He is leading this team by example and WILL be resigned in the off season.

The Captain Patty is proving to everyone who ever doubted him why he wares the C. I cant say enough about the way he moves his feet and is creating himself chances. The determination he showed (see last nights almost breakaway) on the ice is something to behold!!! I love seeing our captain playing his Playoff Pattystyle!!! By the way, if you caught Sharks Buzz last night; one of the cats from Teal Spiel (I know who it was but I’m not going to attempt to spell his name) was on the show. He was talking about if the Sharks get bounced in the first round & all of the change that would be made soon after. He pointed right to Ron Wilson and Patty. I just want to say HOW much I disagree with moving Playoff Patty. Earlier this season I too questioned his heart and I felt like moving him might be a good move. BUT I feel that moving Ron Wilson and his system would make more of an impact. Plus Patty has proved he is a VERY important player on the Sharks roster and is a TRUE leader. Yes he has had some ruff patches and bad games (most of this season’s worth) but when he plays to his full potential. MAN is it a blessing to watch him. Also his leadership reflects on to EVERY other player who played big for us last night!!

Devin Setoguchi Devin really came out tonight and (I feel) earned himself a spot on the playoff roster. Was it just me or did this kid come out with a rocket strapped to his back?? His hard work set up Cheech to take that shot that lead to tying the game up. He came out fast, played the body and had some nice chances to make something happen!! He (along with Tory Mitchell) really proves that SPEED KILLS!!! What else can be said?? GOOD JOB DEVIN KEEP IT UP!!!

Now to the NOT so good part of last nights game.

The Sharks Defense Wow did they really stink it up almost all night. I don’t know about you guys but I CANT stand soft defense men!!!! Campbell, Vlasic, Carle, Ehrhoff, McLaren, and Rivet are TOOOOOO damn soft!!! Also, will it kill anyone to HIT the flames forwards at all?? We need them to start playing the body and show some meanness!!! I mean come on guys HIT SOMEONE!!! Don’t allow the Flames to take the puck from you SOO easily. Next is the passing. Our D can’t pass to save there lives. Brian Campbell has been sloppy, slow and CONFUSED looking. Just slow down guys and get back to basics!! Start by making clean/shorter passes, start using your speed to get you out of trouble and move the puck with speed!! If you do that I think the rest will follow your lead!! We need them to improve there game

The Power Play Ok guys can we get a little more creative?? But it was looking a little better in last nights game. Enough said.

Milan Michalek What has happened to this guy?? He’s been way too soft, slow and caught off guard WAY too many times for my comfort. He also needs to get back to basics. Start moving you feet, playing the body on the fore-check and PLANT yourself right in front of Kipper. Clowe has had ATON (leads the NHL in playoff goals) successes going to the hard places. FOLLOW HIS LEAD!! I know that’s not really your game but in the playoff’s if your game isn’t working then get back to basics. Try something new!! Take risks and see what happen's!! YOU CAN DO IT MAN!!!

In closing I want to REMIND all of Sharks Nation to KEEP THE FAITH!!! We are far from out of it and coming back to the Bay Area for some home cooking!!!

Game 5 Thursday & I can't wait!!!

Till next time,

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