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Dear Carolina Fans

Posted 1:43 PM ET | Comments 0
Hello, Hurricanes fans. I know you don't feel much like talking right now, so I'll keep it brief.

Missing out on the playoffs on the last day, on Washington's last game, after holding down the #3 seed for almost the entire season, has got to be extremely hard.

What makes it worse, though, is the national media attention. Every talking head from every major outlet is talking about how Washington is the "feel-good" story of the year, how having Ovechkin in the playoffs is huge success for the league, how this is a moment of rejoicing for hockey fans all over. Nobody ever mentions that, just maybe, there might be some fans in North Carolina who aren't too happy about what happened.

It isn't fun to narrowly miss the playoffs. It's even less fun when everybody is telling you what a great thing it is that someone else got it at your expense.

So Hurricanes fans, know that I feel your pain, and acknowledge that, in at least one market, the Capitals' gain isn't everybody's gain.

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