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"''Around Wings Nation''(Lidstrom,Forsberg and J.Ericsson)"
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The Ducks have had consecutive wins and we haven't changed barely anything! Some Ducks fans were hoping for Hossa or Holik all I was hoping for was a simple draft pick! All Burke landed was Begeron, J.S. Aubin and a draft pick! Now I am someone who always loves for my team to rack up on the picks especially in a deep draft like this one.

Maybe we did not land superstars but we grabbed a goalie that will really make the Pirates a franchise, someone who will be able to be an offensive pest and a future rookie! It is a very great plan by Brian, we don't just grab a superstar we take some no-names/average players and we show that we can build our roster up to superstars!

O.k. yes we signed Teemu and Scotty Niedermayer but everyone is just using those two signings to just give the credit of winning to them instead of other super hard-working guys!. Like Teemu has scored a hat-trick in only his first couple of games but remember that is what you expect from a guy who has the softest hands in the whole NHL. .Scotty is kind of like Teemu he's doing what you'd expect him to do: intercepting passes, knocking the puck off of the offending forwards stick, pretty good checks, blocks some shots, scores maybe a few, screens very well and has very good knowledge of the game. So watching everyone back is awesome but Duck fans don't get to caught up in Scotty and Teemu's flash & dash plays cause their are other Ducks in the sea! For example: Brad May is making me quite happy cause he might be doing what everyone expects but he also does some scoring that nobody really expects!

So yeah their is my first blog, hope ya'll liked it!
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