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"''Around Wings Nation''(Lidstrom,Forsberg and J.Ericsson)"
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Okposo The Next Iginla?Yeah Right!

Posted March 17, 2008
All the Isles fans know that Kyle Okposo will be playing his first game as an Isle but is everyone just geting a little to worked up?Don't get me wrong,with the Isles not perfoming as good as us Islander fans would like getting anyone fresh and new who could help this team is a very good thing! But then I've heard some people say Kyle will be the next Jarome Iginla or Mike Cammalleri and quite... Read More »
The Ducks have had consecutive wins and we haven't changed barely anything! Some Ducks fans were hoping for Hossa or Holik all I was hoping for was a simple draft pick! All Burke landed was Begeron, J.S. Aubin and a draft pick! Now I am someone who always loves for my team to rack up on the picks especially in a deep draft like this one. Maybe we did not land superstars but we grabbed a goalie... Read More »

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